March 20, 2006

Article: Rumsfeld called incompetent. Good read about his mistakes.

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The article is HERE. As always, if you have comments to counter this article, please make yourself heard.


Eerie comparison between Nazi legislation and the Patriot Act

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Notice the means used to pass the law. That is of specific interest. Also, I will try and dredge up an article I read about Bush family connections to the Nazi’s in WWII. | Read StoryView Comments

March 19, 2006

Issues to be discussed:

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  1. The unconstitutionality of denying gay marriage.
  2. 9/11 and the secrecy of the American government regarding key issues.
  3. Halliburton, the Carlyle Group. How are they involved in raping the planet?
  4. Separation of church and state. Removal of In God We Trust from all government property.

March 18, 2006


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My name is Evan, aka AkumAPRIME. I’ll be your Blog Host for the time being. I run a personal site but decided that I wanted to focus a particular Blog to sth I find very important; sth that is becoming more and more dangerous and concerning.

I am referring of course to the state of affairs in America, my homeland. I am increasingly worried and angered by the things going on there, and thought I might take a second to start a dialogue. Let’s see what comes of it.

My current goals are:

  1. Get this Blog up and looking good, with attendance.
  2. Get the creators of Loose Change to accurately cite their sources so that we can then
  3. Get everyone in America to watch Loose Change and start to ask some questions.